Oomph-Up Your Living Space, Savvy Design Tips for Condo Dwellers

Living in a condo

Living in a condo can be both a practical and an economical way of life for city dwellers. Condominiums are usually located in prime areas close to the city centre. Being near shopping areas, entertainment centres, restaurants and major transportation routes can be a convenience that may help reduce commuting costs and travel time.

The price range of condominiums vary widely and something can usually be found within the budget of a first time home buyer. For many it would make more sense to own something outright rather than to contend with ever increasing rentals. Condos can make ideal starter homes with facilities and amenities as an additional perk. There is almost always a gym and a pool, while higher-end luxury developments may offer even more. For those seeking a peace of mind, the presence of 24/7 patrolling guards and multi-tiered security found in most condominiums is a welcome benefit.

An often overlooked advantage of condominiums is that they are usually move-in ready with minimal need for upgrading. The current trend of condominiums is moving towards smaller, space efficient units. Below are a few simple ideas that would provide functional and effective ways to make the most out of a condo unit.

Smart Tips for your Space

  1. Maximise natural light
    Natural light is critical to human perception of space and comfort. Take advantage of the natural light sources by draping windows in a way that allows for maximum light. If privacy is required, use sheers during the day and curtains in the evenings. Ties or hooks to pull your curtains back during the day are all you’ll need.
  2. Hang your curtains as high as you can
    While we are on the subject of curtains, the easiest way to make the ceiling look higher is to hang your curtains close to the ceiling and let the drape reach the floor. It also helps to extend the rods or curtain mounting on either side of the window so you can maximise the opening when you draw the curtains back. Window treatments in light colours will always make a room seem lighter and brighter.
  3. Play with mirrors
    Try hanging a mirror near a window to reflect natural light into the room. When mirrors are used correctly, they can make a small room appear larger. Position mirrors to reflect light into darker spaces. Avoid placing mirrors where they reflect dark walls as it would have the opposite effect.
  4. Use lighter shades of colour
    Just like in fashion where dark colours are slimming, darker interiors feel smaller.Light colours are more reflective, opening up a space and making it seem more airy. Keeping the colour palette low contrast and predominantly neutral works best to keep the space flowing. Splashes of colour can always be expressed with decorative items!
  5. Balance your furnishings
    Choose furniture with simple lines to make a small living area feel roomier. Consider the scale and proportion. Try not have too many items of furniture and avoid bulky pieces that would crowd a small space.  Built-in seating tucked to a side is a good space saving option with the added bonus of storage underneath. Having furniture on legs would also be a good idea. They are not only easily movable but frees up the floor visually, helping a room feel more expansive.Lastly, have fun with the space and make it yours. Display your photos, books, hobbies or art that inspires you. Your home should be infused with your personality and can look wonderful with just a few tweaks along with a little imagination!